November 01, 2017

Preppy Vest

Halloween has come and gone, I'm always sad when a holiday goes by so quickly. Is it just me or has halloween lost some of its spark? I've heard so many people this year saying they "don't get halloween" or that they're "over it" and like I guess the holiday isn't for everyone. Some people don't like getting dressed up or don't like to spend money on a costume you might not get a chance to re-wear. Some people don't like the "scary" aspect of it, with the decorations and creepy face makeup, but I for one LOVE halloween. I wouldn't say its my favourite holiday but I think its really fun and a day that you get to dress up like someone else and to eat candy (I also love horror movies) This year I dressed up like a vampire for the NYX halloween party and then I put on my little red riding hood costume on halloween to watch movies with my boyfriend.
As for this outfit I am wearing a yellow pleated skirt from Forever 21, I love the rich colour and it can be worn so many different ways. I also wore a blouse from H&M that I paired with a black bow at the front, But I think the best part of the outfit is the vest. I got this vest YEARS ago at america eagle and its just one of those pieces that no one really wears anymore... its very mid 2000's. I very rarely take it out of my closet but its one of those pieces I can't part with.
4 comments on "Preppy Vest "
  1. I love how stylish this look is! Such a perfect shooting location too :)

    Anika |

  2. Great outfit!

  3. Major Blair Waldorf vibes in this one! Great look. As for Halloween, it isn't really celebrated that much where I live, but I don't mind dressing up ocassionally and I'm definitely down for all the horror movie premieres!

  4. What a nice Images are there in it.


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