November 13, 2017

Green and Pink lace

Its crazy how we are already half way through November ! all the christmas decorations are starting to pop up everywhere and christmas markets are starting to set up for the holiday season. it always seems like the second half of the year goes by so fast, its probably because the days are shorter and its a busy time of year. With the holidays coming up I'm starting to think about event dresses, thats probably the best part about this time of year, all the parties and opportunities to get dresses up. One of the newest additions to my dress collection is this green and pink dress from Metisu and it is the Multicoloured embroidered flower hollow out mini dress (link here). I am obsessed with the combination of colours I feel like you rarely see pink and green mixed together but I think it blends beautifully. The entire dress is made up of lace that has a black liner attached to it. This dress is perfect for this time of year because it has quarter length sleeves which provides a bit more warmth. The sleeves also have a slight flared out detail, I like that since the sleeves are shorter you don't have the flared out section covering your hands, which I personally find annoying when you are trying to eat lol . I paired this dress with dingily pearl earrings from Forever 21 and tied my hair in a low ponytail with a black ribbon tied into a bow (its actually a skinny scarf from a blouse but hey it works) Let my know what sort of christmas posts you want me to do this year ! 
4 comments on "Green and Pink lace "
  1. Beautiful dress, I love the colours of it!! You look absolutely amazing! x


  2. The dress is so pretty!

  3. You look so pretty in that skirt..

  4. Wow! What a nice pretty dress is this she had wear in it.


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