October 30, 2017

Red Wine

Another weekend has come and gone, I was lucky enough to spend it with the people thats I love and to have a bit of downtime. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to an antique market, we love going to antique markets to browse around and look at all the furniture and other interesting pieces we can find. This particular antique market had a lot of jewellery and brooches and that sort of thing which made me so happy ! I've always been interested in the past and how people lived, mainly because I don't feel as connected to the era that I live in. I know that sounds super cliche and so many people say that but I genuinely feel so out of place sometimes. But anyway I'm side tracking..... For this outfit I decided to keep it all in one tone and have a very monochromatic look. If you haven't noticed I love Matching its probably my favourite part about creating outfits, so its only natural that I love the monochromatic trend. I am wearing this big A line midi skirt from Mendocino that has a lot of pleats at the waist making it very flared! its such a not to the 50's and a feminine classic. As for my top I wore this sheer polka dot shirt from Sfera that has these beautiful fluted sleeves. To make this look even more burgundy I added a burgundy beret and heels. What do you guys think of monochromatic looks ? 
10 comments on "Red Wine"
  1. This look is SO pretty!! I am loving the monochrome maroon.

    Lee - leethrifts.com

  2. Beautiful outfit!


  3. Beautiful burgundy outfit. It's so cool!


  4. stunning color babe!!

    XO, Jessi

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