September 29, 2017

Flapper Ruffles

Hello Happy Friday !! Take out your elegant dresses and put on your dancing shoes!.... Do people even go dancing anymore? Oh yeah I guess clubs are a thing... I wish There was a places were you could go dance, a place that isn't pitch black and people don't push or sweat on you. The start of dance halls began in 1920's, prior to that going out at night was almost exclusively for men. These new dance "clubs" were very popular in larger cities such as New York, when Jazz music was in full swing. You can imagine all the flappers walking around in their fringe dresses with beautiful beading. This is what inspired this outfit today !  I am wearing this black ruffled dress from Make me chic which is actually one of my personal favourites! I love thee polka dot detailing on the collar as well as on the ends of the ruffles and sleeve.  To keep warm  I put on this black tweed like jacket from Metisu  and it is the black wool coat with metal hardware detail. I love gold buttons I feel like a jacket always looks best with gold buttons so as soon as I saw this on the website I knew I had to have it !
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