July 13, 2017

Matching Set and Mini Pink Backpack

Something that I think is making a comeback are matching sets! I love the idea of having a pair of pants/shorts or even a skirt that has a jacket that goes perfectly with it. Its something women popularized in the 60's with women like Jackie O and has been carried on to members of the British royal family to this day. Now I'm not saying matching two pieces are everywhere at the moment , but they are definitely out there! and I've started to see them coming into stores for pre fall fashion.  I will admit  I do find it hard to find a matching set in my size as well as in classic prints or Silhouettes !  I once saw a matching two piece set  at a thrift store in pastel yellow and white houndstooth, my hurt fluttered until I looked at the size and noticed it was a few sizes bigger, I regret not buying it and getting it tailored. It was perfect!!! But anyway I saw this beautiful simple two piece set on the shein website and I knew I had to have it ! it's so beautiful and simple and a  really light material for the summer time which is what I was hoping for ! It is the Double breasted blazer with elastic waist shorts, unfortunately the cream colour is currently sold out BUT it also come in a beautiful pastel aqua colour (link here) which I'm debating getting for myself because its just so pretty (and comfortable) ! The shorts are really fitted at the waist due to the elastic on it but then it flares out just the right amount over the legs. It's incredibly flattering, even if they are a little on the short side ;)  For accessories I grabbed this mini pink backpack from Victorias secret that I'm currently obsessed with! it matches with so many different outfit ! I pulled the pink again with this colourful flower bouquet brooch I got from Ebay, you can find so many amazing brooches for literally two dollars! I topped the look off with a cream coloured bow which I haven't worn in such a long time !  I always feel so feminine with a bow or ribbon in my hair :) What are your thoughts on matching sets ? 
3 comments on "Matching Set and Mini Pink Backpack "
  1. You look so cool and that blouse is just amazing!


  2. This is such a cute outfit! That little bag is adorable.
    Amy xx

    A Habit Of Solitude

  3. Lovely backpack!



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