July 19, 2017

Gingham Love

Now I know what you're thinking.... this is a bit of a different outfit for me, I've been trying to expand my wardrobe with different types of pieces and allowing myself to try new things lately. It's been a really fun process and if you watched my June haul (link here) you would've gotten an idea of the direction that I'm going in.  I've been able to find some pieces that aren't necessarily "my style" but I've fallen in love with them, one of them being this gingham jumpsuit ! Its so cute and breezy for the summertime and of course gingham has been all over the place this summer! I love the ruffles that drape over the arms I think its such a cute and girly detail! I will admit I've never been a fan of the "cold shoulder" trend  I never really got it... but in this case I think it works perfectly and I actually found it really flattering! This jumpsuit is from Romwe  and it is the Cold shoulder ruffle sleeve structured gingham jumpsuit (link here) since the whole outfit is all one print I thought I would bring in a pop of colour by adding a red bandana and tied it around my neck, which gave the look some "farmer chic"vibes (lol) especially after I added the straw hat. I feel like I've been wearing this hat non stop this summer ! I have a large collection of summer hats but I can't seem to stop grabbing this one, it just matches all of my outfits perfectly. What has been your summer staple so far this year??
1 comment on "Gingham Love "
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