July 11, 2017

Black and White Vines

ok...where do I even start with this dress.... It is stunning ! I've been really into ruffled skirts/dresses lately and this one is pure perfection ! I love the slightly sheer fabric that forms the ruffles as well as the beautiful black vine like detailing that covers the whole dress.  The edges have this circle trim to them that I think adds some really nice interest to the dress. This dress is from Metisu  and it is the Black Hollow Out Embroidered Design Maxi Dress (link here) it's actually currently on sale if you are interested ! I could honestly live in this dress every day.... ok I say that a lot but if I could live in fancy dresses for the rest of my life I would be so happy (rolling up to mcds in a gown = me.) I kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple and I wore these thin strappy black heels that almost go unnoticed underneath all the ruffles, but they are from Agaci. And for my hair I did a bit of the throwback to my headband days (I really need to bring that back tho...) and I wore this pearl headband that has a black flower on the side with some more pearls in the center. Let me know what you guys think in the comments as well as whats something you could wear every day for the rest of your life?  

3 comments on "Black and White Vines "
  1. Love the outfit!


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  3. I love this look, it's so elegant! Something that I'd wear for the rest of my life are skirts and dresses too haha. I love getting dressed up all the time!


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