May 24, 2017

Two-Toned Denim

Ah how amazing are these two toned jeans ! As some of you may know I've been trying to get into wearing more jeans lately and I've been able to find some really cool looking jeans which has really enticed me to wear them more often. One of my favourite pairs right now are these two toned jeans which match pretty much everything while giving the outfit a lot of interest! I got these pants from Shein and they are the Paneled raw hem jeans (link here)  they have an amazing loose fit which makes them incredibly comfortable ! Denim on denim is such a huge trend right now but if you're not ready to wear the Canadian tuxedo then this is a great alternative which allows you to still rock the trend but in a much more subtle way. I paired the pants with this ruffled white blouse from Zara and a pair of nude heels. Its a super casual outfit which was perfect for running errands. 
4 comments on "Two-Toned Denim "
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  2. It looks like you spilled milk on your crotch lol

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