May 31, 2017

Spring Lookbook

I know its a little bit late but its finally warm here in Canada ! I always see spring lookbooks and people wear sleeveless dresses and shorts and its like we don't all live in LA where spring is pretty much summer, so I thought I would share a realistic Canadian spring lookbook. For the first look (which happens to be my favourite)  I wore this houndstooth print skirt with a red mock neck long sleeved shirt. For the most part it's warm enough to wear bare legs but I would rather keep myself a bit warmer with a long sleeved top, both pieces are from H&M. I also pulled out a black beret (last time for the season... tear) which I thought matched the style perfectly, that one is from Coach. To finish the look off I grabbed my mini black backpack (from Spring)  and strappy heels (from Le Chateau)

The second look is my second favourite look of the lookbook, its a bit more casual than I normally wear, I  actually decided to give the clear glasses trend a try. I've worn them in a previous post but I am obsessed with how it looks with a ponytail and the entire outfit. These round glasses are from Wear me pro and they are so cute! I can't wait to wear them again ! I wore them with this light beige long sleeved shirt an a white denim skirt (both from H&M.) To keep the rest of the outfit light I draped this denim jacket over my shoulders, I got this jacket while I was in Peru from The Gap and its taking everything in me not to wear it every day.

The third outfit is a little more colourful, I wore this Long sleeved red shirt (the same as the first outfit) and paired it with this pink midi skirt form Zara.  I've been obsessed with this red and pink combination lately, I'm not sure why (yes I know I look like a valentines day card) I think its so cute and girly. To add some interest to the outfit I paired it with this red and gold embellished cross body bag that I got at a boutique in niagara on the lake. To add to the theme I wore red heels and some pale nude coloured sunnies from Aerie. Aerie actually has a lot of really cute sunglasses!  One of my new favourite places to stop by when i'm at the mall.

The fourth outfit is a little more formal, but still a bit more edgy with the black patent skirt. I got this skirt from Express and its so cute! I cannot tell you how long I looked for a skirt like this and I'm so happy I found it ! I paired it with a plain light blue blouse from H&M and a clear purse from Zara. Since the outfit is really minimal I really wanted to play with the accessories! You guys know I've been really into these metal embellished headbands (they remind me of tiaras and who doesn't want to be a princes.... am I right) I grabbed a silver one because I thought it matched the light blue tones a bit better and also added these dangly pear earrings that have a bit of silver jewels at the top.

The last look is a bit more "scholarly" Definitely a nod at ivy prep fashion. Ivy prep is my favourite style to wear in the fall so I thought i would try to apply it to my spring wardrobe. Although the colours aren't particularly light for spring I still think its a great spring outfit ! I wore this lace cropped shirt that has beautiful flared sleeves ! (from zara) and I paired it with my favourite denim skirt from H&M (you guys have seen it countless times) For a little warmth I wore this thin grey blazer from Topshop that has this awesome tiger patch on the side. I again gave the clear glasses trend a try, I've been seeing these aviator glasses all over instagram and I just had to try them ! I love how they compliment the outfit giving it more school vibes.

so those are all the looks i hope you guys like them let me know in the comments which looks is your favourite! I also added a video below if you want to see the looks in action ! Make sure to subscribe to my channel because there will be a couple of birthday videos going up on there next week !

16 comments on "Spring Lookbook "
  1. These looks are all so lovely. Your style is always so right. The first look is very Fran Drescher ala The Nanny in the very best way. I love it!

    1. On purpose or not, it's fantastic!

  2. Love the skirts!

  3. heyy really nice i also want to buy ladies tops online like yours one

  4. All are lovely and look so "spring"

    xoxo, All about trendy hats


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