May 17, 2017

NEW IN: Military Jacket

One of the newest additions to my closet is this bright red military jacket!  I've always been obsessed with the Victorian era and the fashion from that time, The puffy dresses, pastel colours and sky high hair.  I take a lot of inspiration from female fashion of that time for spring/summer, But mens fashion was also very interesting and I take inspiration from that during the fall/winter. This military jacket is very indicative of those times and I love the detailing at the front, although it is not fall or winter I just simply couldn't pass it up ! This little cropped jacket is from Bershka (link here)   it also comes in Navy blue (I regret not getting both TBH) I paired the jacket with a white ruffled chiffon blouse which matched the style perfectly. I've actually had this blouse in my closet for numerous years and never get tired of wearing it! Since its getting warmer I opted for some simple black high waisted shorts and topped it off with a cabby hat ! 
5 comments on "NEW IN: Military Jacket "
  1. Love this outfit! So good combination! Kisses

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  2. You are elegant and stylish!

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