May 12, 2017

My Week In Peru

  After what felt like the shortest week ever I am back from Peru, I swear time flew by so fast! There was a lot of food (sorry for the amount of food pics) and a lot of laughs. I am so happy I was able to go back to Peru after 11years  and that I was able to see so many family members who I  haven't seen in person in numerous years. I also ate all of my favourite foods and candies that we Don't have here in Canada such as Suspiro Limeno and lucuma ice cream, my absolute favourite foods. I did a little bit of shopping but nothing too intense, I was more so focused on spending time with family and eating all the amazing food. I swear we ate every meal at a restaurant the whole week, I'm surprised my clothes still fit. I also included my travel diary which includes a few more clips of things I was up to while in Peru (tons of food clips, you've been warned)
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