May 22, 2017

Floral City

I feel like I'm walking in a field of flowers when wearing this dress. It has a certain "modern victorian" feel to it with the beautifully detailed flowers and the fit and flare shape, But its also very indicative of the 50's. If you've been following my blog for a while you know I always  gravitate towards more vintage items so this dress is a dream come true. I love dresses that have a tailed shape to them as you have probably noticed I am a BIG fan of synching in my waist with a ribbon and tying it in a bow, I did the same thing with this dress just for a little bit more interest.  I got this dress from Metisu and it is the blue sleeveless floral pattern swing midi dress (Link here) . The quality is amazing and the fit is even better ! I know I'll be wearing this dress over and over again through the spring and summer. I paired this dress with some nude heels that way the focus stays on the dress! I also wore these gold and pink earrings from Happiness boutique  (Link to earrings here) I thought they matched the colours on the dress perfectly ! I was walking through the city in this dress and I felt like I was surrounded by flowers. 
May 17, 2017

NEW IN: Military Jacket

One of the newest additions to my closet is this bright red military jacket!  I've always been obsessed with the Victorian era and the fashion from that time, The puffy dresses, pastel colours and sky high hair.  I take a lot of inspiration from female fashion of that time for spring/summer, But mens fashion was also very interesting and I take inspiration from that during the fall/winter. This military jacket is very indicative of those times and I love the detailing at the front, although it is not fall or winter I just simply couldn't pass it up ! This little cropped jacket is from Bershka (link here)   it also comes in Navy blue (I regret not getting both TBH) I paired the jacket with a white ruffled chiffon blouse which matched the style perfectly. I've actually had this blouse in my closet for numerous years and never get tired of wearing it! Since its getting warmer I opted for some simple black high waisted shorts and topped it off with a cabby hat ! 
May 14, 2017

Sugar Plum

I never gave it much thought but.... there really aren't many things that are the colour purple. I even noticed that finding cute purple clothes are hard to find. I remember back in high school I wanted to find a lavender prom dress, think Miley Cyrus's purple dress in the last song... that is literally what I wanted to wear for prom. I unfortunately was unsuccessful and ended up wearing a white one with a mauve ribbon tied around the waist. When I saw this purple sweater at H&M I knew I had to have it!  (link here) I am lacking some purple clothes in my closet and I fell in love with all the ruffles and its girly nature. I paired it with this medium wash denim skirt from Make Me Chic  (Link Here) It's actually currently on sale for an amazing price! I love the fit and the distressed hem not only on the bottom of the skirt but also the back pockets, which is such a fun detail ! I also wore these purple and brown sunglasses from Wear Me Po (link here) that match perfectly with the whole outfit ! 
May 12, 2017

My Week In Peru

  After what felt like the shortest week ever I am back from Peru, I swear time flew by so fast! There was a lot of food (sorry for the amount of food pics) and a lot of laughs. I am so happy I was able to go back to Peru after 11years  and that I was able to see so many family members who I  haven't seen in person in numerous years. I also ate all of my favourite foods and candies that we Don't have here in Canada such as Suspiro Limeno and lucuma ice cream, my absolute favourite foods. I did a little bit of shopping but nothing too intense, I was more so focused on spending time with family and eating all the amazing food. I swear we ate every meal at a restaurant the whole week, I'm surprised my clothes still fit. I also included my travel diary which includes a few more clips of things I was up to while in Peru (tons of food clips, you've been warned)
May 08, 2017

Overall Stripes

Has anyone else been really into overalls lately? I found this pair at forever 21 recently and I am honestly in love! They are so flattering and different from any other type of overall I've seen. They again have a slight 70's vibe which you know I've been obsessed with lately. I love the distressed hem at the bottom which is everywhere right now. I've been buying so many jeans with distressed hems and with an wide leg as opposed to skinny jeans. I Paired the overalls with this striped light blue and burnt orange mock neck shirt that goes perfectly with the 70's vibes! I also wore these burgundy leather cross slip on sandals that I cant seem to stop wearing they are so comfortable and match pretty much everything ! 

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