April 14, 2017

Varsity Red

Happy Friday !!  Its finally the weekend!  I am ready to take the time of relax and do nothing ... just kidding I really need to organize my room lol. I feel like cleaning my room is a never ending cycle because I always end up with clothes everywhere . I'm not an overly messy person I just struggle with fitting things into my closet because its so packed that I always put it off .... and thus my room becomes messy time and time again lol The good thing about re-organizing my room/closet is that I find new outfit combinations that I had never made before, like this outfit I'm wearing ! The white fitted blouse is from Abercrombie and Fitch  and this houndstooth midi skirt is from Forever 21. Midi skirts are perfect for this time of year, they are breezier than pants but keep you warmer than shorts, and they look super cute so I mean... But I think what really makes this look is the red varsity jacket from Zara, that paired with the midi skirt really gives a 1950's school girl look which I am all over ! To further that idea I put my hair in a high ponytail and tied a red ribbon around it. I seriously felt like I  had walked out of a time machine when wearing this outfit and played Bobby Darin- Dream Lover in my head all day.  
4 comments on "Varsity Red"
  1. This look is SO cute!! I love the midi skirt. I can definitely relate to cleaning being an ongoing project... I always feel like I'm cleaning out my closet!

    Lee - leethrifts.com

  2. Such a cute outfit!


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