April 26, 2017

70's Lookbook

I thought I would share with you guys some shots we took while filming my 70's Lookbook ! If you haven't seen its linked at the very end of this post ! As mentioned in previous posts I've been obsessed with the 70's lately, maybe its the carefree nature of it I'm not really sure but its been making me so happy. I've been going through all the stores trying to find clothes that resemble that era.... which to my luck is all on sale!  With the start of the spring all the stores are filled with pastel colours but I'm looking for more earth tones (orange, mustard, burgundy etc) which are usually associated with fall. Things I've been really into ate striped tops in particular mock necks, A line skirts, platform shoes and of course the coloured aviators that seem to be all over social media right now!  I was also lucky enough to find these really cool printed flared pants that I think depict the era perfectly! I was never one to wear flared pants (or pants in general, I'm more of a skirt girl) but flared pants are honestly so flattering I'm starting to fall in love.  I've been trying to find some movies to give me more fashion inspiration, so if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments ! I had such a fun time creating this lookbook so let me know which look is your favourite :)

4 comments on "70's Lookbook "
  1. I love your style! Each piece feels unique and vintage and all your own.


  2. You look always amazing!Love your style:-)


  3. This fringe denim are my faaaave but I'm also loving that suede button up skirt! So many chic retro looks!
    Leigha | thelilacpress.com

  4. I love you 70s look! It suits you so well! The button up skirt is so amazing!
    Great post :)!!

    xx, Sophie


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