February 03, 2017

Love Beret | A Valentines Day Inspired Outfit

It is that time of the year, Valentines day is here again! It is actually one of my favourite holidays.....although I feel like I say that about every holiday haha. I love Valentines day because I love the idea of celebrating love and taking the time to make the day special. For this outfit I decided to go for a more subtle Valentines Day look. I am wearing this lips sweater from Forever 21, which is currently still in stores!  and on sale! check out the link below. I layered the sweater over a white chiffon blouse just so that I have a little bit of white peaking through to break up the outfit. I paired it with a plain pleated black skirt and Fishnet tights to give the outfit some interest. I also wore one of my favourite coats ! I love how simple it is because it matches basically every outfit. And for my favourite part of the outfit, the beret!  I found this love brooch at H&M they are made up of individual letters so you can set it up however you want ! I decided to put them on a red beret and I LOVE (pun intended) how it looks! If you want to see this outfit in video I also posted a clip of it on my youtube channel ! link here. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, make sure you check out my Instagram for more pictures over the weekend ! 

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5 comments on "Love Beret | A Valentines Day Inspired Outfit"
  1. I adore this look, and way to be crafty! I might have to steal the beret idea some time!

    Amber - amberelb.com

  2. That's the cutest hat! Lovely outfit, dear.


  3. Oh damn I wonder where you got the LOVE idea from 😏😏

  4. You look stunning! Lovely combo!


  5. Very cute outfit!! You look gorgeous!! Love those sexy fishnet tights too!! :) Your legs look amazing!!


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