November 07, 2016

The best time wear a striped sweater

As a wise person once said (...sang) "The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time" and this particular one is so perfect for any season it can be layered for a cold day or worn on its own when its a bit warmer. I think that is one of the best things about fall (besides the quality of light and the pretty colours on the trees) is that there are warm days and then there are cold days so it really allows for a range of different outfits you can wear. I don't think i would be able to live somewhere where it's constantly hot such as LA because i would get bored of the warm weather and would want to wear coats and hats, Although i could live without -40 weather haha.  Some people really love summer and going to the beach all the time but it's just not for me, i don't even think i could go on a tropical vacation at a resort  for a week i would be so bored after a few days. I am the type of person who has to constantly be doing something i love exploring and learning new things as well as i have a huge appreciation for architecture so going anywhere that has beautiful buildings is like a dream vacation for me. But for now i am enjoying the changing seasons at home and looking through my closet at pieces i haven't worn since last fall such as all my berets. You have probably already noticed my huge love for berets, i just think they are the perfect type of hat! i have probably collected over 30 different coloured ones that i will wear non stop all winter and fall. i can't wait to share all of them with you ! :) As well, i am cutting my hair this week so make sure to follow me on instagram to see my story of how i cut it ! Might come out looking like a different person ;)

6 comments on "The best time wear a striped sweater"
  1. WOW!! Fabulous top and love that skirt!! Great colors!! You look amazing!! :)

  2. oh my goodness I love everything about this! You look like you are a chic model from the 1960s/1970s

    Life is just Rosie

  3. The bag is so cute!

  4. My favorite is the bag and skirt!

  5. Such a parisian look! I love this skirt so much!
    -Kate //


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