November 23, 2016

Houndstooth coat and pom pom hat

I can't believe November is almost over and Christmas will be here before we know it!  I've been so busy planning all my Holiday posts I haven't even started my Christmas shopping!  I do hope to have it all done by mid December.....we'll see what happens haha. But for now i'll try to enjoy the rest of November! We're still enjoying some nice weather which means my light jackets are still getting put to use!  This particular coat is  perfect for this time of year, its lightweight if you live somewhere were it doesn't get too cold, but its also roomy enough to be layered with a knit sweater for extra warmth. You guys know how much i love houndstooth and when I saw this coat in stores I got major love story vibes so I had to have it!  Since we've been having nice weather I wore it over a blouse with a black bow tied on the collar and pixie black trousers (are the pixie tho? or are the pants just too short for me? we'll never know) Of course I wore some black heels but to top off the outfit I put on this pom pom hat from H&M that I recently bought, so recently its not even on the website yet! (I linked similar ones below if you can't live without it) I hope you guys like this post and are looking forward to a bunch of holiday looks!  leave any festive requests in the comments!

4 comments on "Houndstooth coat and pom pom hat "
  1. Beautiful outfit!

  2. Love the blazer! This look is so pretty!

  3. This is such a stunning outfit! I love the pom poms on the hat.. such a chic statement touch! Have a great rest of your week hun :)

    XO Jessi,

  4. I'm soooo in love with your blazer!



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