November 11, 2016

Casual Friday: plaid skit and red backpack

Ah plaid skirts, its just one of those things that makes me feel a sort of childish happiness.  if you've been following me for a while you know i LOVE plaid skirts i have probably about 30 different coloured ones because i am constantly wearing them haha. This particular outfit gave me such clueless vibes with the plaid and the backpack (one of my favourite movies by the way). i tried to pull all the colours from the skirt into the rest of the outfit with the white sweater, red backpack, and navy tights.  i have actually never been a fan of cropped sweater i never really understood the purpose because i would normally just tuck in the sweater into the skirt to cinch in my waist but i actually really love the cropped sweater with this skirt it gives it a more careless look while still looking put together. But as much as i love the sweater at times the wind got a little bit cold so a blazer was needed, i just wore this sorta oversized navy  blazer as a coat and of course topped it off with a brooch !

5 comments on "Casual Friday: plaid skit and red backpack "
  1. Loving your style! It's amazing!

    Anika |

  2. Fabulous skirt!! This is such a wonderful combination!! Love those blue tights on your amazing legs!! You look gorgeous!! :)

  3. hahah it's so cute that you add a red backpack!

    xx Margaret |

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