November 18, 2016

70's bangs

So today I wanted to share a more artsy post than I normally make. As you saw from my haircut post (click here) you would know that I got bangs !  I am loving them !  and feel like part of myself I different... I know how dramatic that sounds, but sometimes a little change can do that. I've always been a very artistic person, growing up Art was definitely my favourite subject in school although sometimes we didn't have much time for art class especially in elementary school.... I don't understand why art classes were always the first to go, art is so important !  Kids need to know that its ok to be good at something other than math and science and those classes should be taken more seriously. Once in high school you could take art every year and it was obviously the first class I always signed up and was my favourite (followed by media classes and cosmetology)  I loved drawing portraits and still do!  I also really love art history and classical film. if I ever need to pull inspiration for personal projects whether they be photoshoots or everyday things like how I want to decorate my room I always look to the past for inspiration and not what everyone around me is doing in this moment. I always tell people I wish I was born 100 years earlier, and I know that is super cliche and that everyone says that  but I am being dead serious when I say it to the point where i've cried over it on multiple occasions (don't judge me.) As of right now I've been very really into 70's fashion, there was a certain preppyness at the time that really draws me in as well as 70's in paris which is so different than it was in the west. That was a huge inspiration to me when i decided to get my haircut i knew I wanted 70's parisian vibes, jane birkin was a huge inspiration I just tailored the look a bit to frame my face better.  I  am still getting the hang of styling these bangs but I am really liking them!  If you guys would like to see more of this part of me let me know, I can share my favourite movies, songs because I think you'll be be surprised at the lack of modern songs on my itunes haha. 
4 comments on "70's bangs"
  1. I've really been into 60's-70's fashion lately as well. I think it coincides with watching Mad Men. I love the fun colorful clothes, cute shoes, and fishnet, nude, or colorful legwear from that era!

  2. That is very cool that you like that era so much! You do those eras great justice! I love your new hair style with the bangs! You look sensational love! :) I like these photos in Black & White! Very cool effect! Your legs look amazing as usual!! :) Great work!

  3. These pictures are so great! You look so beautiful.


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