October 10, 2016

Denim overall Dress

As some of you may have noticed i have found a new appreciation for denim, i used to never (and i mean never) wear it because i always related it to casualness and thats something i tried to stay away from for some reason. Since the ending of the summer denim has been everywhere ! i wasn't able to stay away from it and bought myself a few denim pieces. One of my favourite buys was this denim overall dress, i think its so cute and femenine and somethin i probably never buy. i of course paired it with a red shirt...my favourite colour to wear but once i looked in the mirror all i could see was Mario and i found myself wondering where Luigi was. That was not exactly the look i was going for so i had to add something else to break up that vision haha i added this silk Hermes twilly i thought the colours worked really well as well as added a little touch of elegance to a simple outfit. As for shoes i just wore these simple blue block heeled shoes.

4 comments on "Denim overall Dress "
  1. I laughed when you said you wondered where Luigi is lol You have all the beautiful scarf in the world! I love this one also.

    xx Margaret

  2. Love how you paired this, is looks so good!


  3. Estas guapisima. Me encanta tu estilo. Un besazo bonita. Te invito a visitar mi blog.
    Las siete maravillas de Amanda.


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