October 13, 2016

Cabby hat and flared sleeves

This is probably one of my favourite posts i've done on my blog, i am utterly and completely obsessed with this outfit and i kinda want to wear it every single day..... Cabby hats are my favourite accessory to wear at the moment and i am so glad i am able to find really cute ones in stores. I think that all i need is a cabby hat with some sort of crest or embellishment on it and i will be set. I don't know why but i felt like i needed to wear braids with this outfit which is something i haven't done since i was a little girl but it really pulled the whole outfit together. Bell sleeves are huge right now and bigger the bell the better! i got this sweater from Zara at the end of the summer so it's no longer in stores (wehhh!)  but i did find one that looks the exact same (yay! link below!) i paired it with these black trousers that are slightly flared out at the bottom but not enough that it competes with the sleeves which i think is important. As for accessories i am wearing a vintage locket, this was actually my grandmas locket and it got passed down and now it's mine :)  i love it so much i just don't wear it enough in fear of ruining it but i really should take it out of my jewelry box more often. I hope you are all having a wonderful week and are excited for the weekend  to come ! i am so happy that it was a short week this week (it was Canadian Thanksgving on Monday) i've got some new things planned for the blog and i cant wait to share them with you ! i also went to 2 different events yesterday one was the Sanuk SS17 preview at the spoke club, And then at night i went to the trendsetter and cocktails event hosted by mapleview mall, if you want to see more day to day life activities make sure you follow me on instagram !  link here ! :) 

7 comments on "Cabby hat and flared sleeves "
  1. Love the top. And the statement necklace. So pretty.


  2. you look amazing!


  3. The sweater is really cute!


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