January 08, 2016

Pink Hat

i've been trying to do my best with dealing with the cold weather and the gloominess that comes along with it. Adding some bright pops of colour really brighten up my day and bring a little bit of summer with it. i paired this with pink hat with this tweed crossbody bag and i think they make a great pair! This navy blue coat has been on countless posts because i find that a  blue coat can match anything, i love the simple silhouette and the elegance of the fabric. 
When i put an outfit together i try to incorporate as many feminine pieces as i can, that i just what i gravitate to... hence the pearl coated poodle brooch. 
Now going back to the point about the cold...i am still gravitating towards turtlenecks they keep my neck so warm! now don't get me wrong i am a huge scarf fanatic!  but i tend to wear them hanging from my neck and not actually wrapping it around my neck... thus not actually doing anything to keep me warm.... they are more of a decoration if you will lol. Turtlenecks are also a solution for bulkiness, yes we all know winter bulkiness.... something i have been trying to avoid since the end of my elementary school years. There is nothing i hate more that looking and feeling bulky (cue a picture of randy parker from a christmas story in his snowsuit) turtlenecks kinda hit two birds with one stone by being a shirt (or sweater if you want to be extra warm) and also act as a scarf, therefore minimizing the amount of things you have to wear. if you haven't jumped on a turtleneck bandwagon i suggest you take the leap and give them a chance... i spent many years thinking turtlenecks weren't "cool" oh how wrong i was... 

Coat: H&M
Purse: Aldo
Hat: The bay 
Turtleneck: le chateau 
Heels: Forever 21
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