January 04, 2016

Gold Turtleck

Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean we have to avoid sparkles and glitter! i am loving this turtleneck that has some subtle sparkly threading throughout it.  Definitely setting it apart from any plain coloured turtleneck, by adding a bit of glamour and femininity. As well as it is  finally getting cold enough to wear fur! (faux of course!) i try to take winter wardrobe inspiration from  russian fashion (and Paris in the summer!) which means i like to incorporate a bit of fur into my wardrobes. This is usually done in the form of scarves (or neck collars), hats, and the rims of my gloves. 
Although the weather is getting colder i am stubborn and i still enjoy wearing skirts and dresses with tights...  again i will mention how amazing fleece lined tights are! they will keep you so warm and are incredibly comfortable! 

i have never been a huge cross-body bag kind of girl, particularly in the winter because of the bulkiness of winter coats. But i have collected a few in the past couple of months so you could say they are a current obsession of mine due to smaller size. That being said i am not going to put away my handbags just yet, because there is something so chic about carrying a purse in your hand or letting it hang on your bent elbow (cue pictures of victoria beckham)

Tuertleneck: H&M
Coat: H&M 
Fur scarf: H&M 
Skirt: forever 21
Purse: Dynamite 
Shoes: Spring 
1 comment on "Gold Turtleck "
  1. Your gold turtleneck is so chick combined with the faux fur! And I swear by fleece lined tights as well! Love the post!



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