January 18, 2016

Furry Earmuffs

i know its only mid january but i am already so over winter and ready for spring, definitely a case of winter blues. I don't know if its the cold weather or the short days but i am definitely ready to spend some time in the sunshine wearing pastels.  Not to mention that i currently have a fever so i just want to cuddle up in my bed  and sleep for 2 days straight, but anyway enough about my sickness.  Capes are one of my favourite winter items, they remind me of something a fairytale princess would wear  over a long dress... now i modernized it a bit by wearing it over pants and knew high boots but will love the feel of it when i wear it. Earmuffs are also a great accessory in the winter don't get me wrong i love wearing hats but what i love the most about earmuffs  is that they don't leave that ugly hat line on your forehead ( i wear a lot of berets) and they are also great to wear with ponytails !  

Cape: H&M
Pants: American Eagle 
Purse: Coach 
Boots: Forever 21 
Sweater: Forever 21 
1 comment on "Furry Earmuffs"
  1. You look beautiful with (real) fur on your ears!