December 30, 2015

Lazy Days

It is the week between christmas and new years... a week of laziness, shopping and spending time with friends! At least thats how my week has been! i went boxing day shopping on the weekend (if you want to see my haul click here!) and this whole beginning of the week has been lazying around during the day and seeing friends at night. 
We had been so blessed with the weather all of december and two nights ago we got a snow storm followed by rain...needless to say it is all slush outside. i don't mind the cold in the winter its the snow and slush i cant stand, it really limits what shoes i can wear outside. This is why i have opted for staying inside in comfy knit sweaters and watching movies. 

New years eve is tomorrow and i am unsure of how i feel about this year coming to an end, i had a great year filled with laugher and adventure. i am hoping 2016 bring more amazing memories and opportunities. I also hope you are all blessed with and even more wonderful year <3 
well... i am off to find something sparkly for tomorrow! 

Sweater:  H&M
Pants: American Eagle 
2 comments on "Lazy Days "
  1. You have made your article more wonderful and beautiful with your pictures and I know in holidays we really become so lazy and we should try to keep ourselves busy.

  2. I spend my lazy days looking like a homeless person! lol. You look great. The sweater looks so nice on you and the makeup is perfect. you should post makeup tutorials as well.