December 02, 2015

Checkered scarves

 I think we can all agree that once december rolls around  we all try to incorporate the colour red into our wardrobe. i tend to do this mostly through accessories like scarves or shoes.... that is until a few days before christmas were i tend to wear obnoxiously red outfits (i love Christmas ok...). Plaid scarves are a winter staple and i don't know a single person who doesn't own at least one plaid scarf, most often than not plaid scarves incorporate the colour red into their patters. As much of a plaid scarf fanatic as i am i also love its cousin the checkered scarf. This particular scarf has been my most worn scarf this year the colours are simply beautiful and i find that it matches a lot of different outfits.  
These red ankle strapped mary janes are my favourite shoes i own i think they look so classic and i love the slight heel they have... when wearing them i almost feel like susan walker i the 1994 version of miracle on 34th street... which just so happens to be my favourite Christmas movie.  

Scarf: Ardene 
Coat : H&M
Shorts: H&M 
Shoes: Forever 21 
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