December 22, 2015

Almost Christmas time

Christmas is only a few days away and my excitement level is through the roof!!  i can't wait to spend time with family and eat tons of delicious food! like these candy canes which i will never be able to finish... well... at least not in one sitting haha. all week i am going to be pulling out all of my red headbands (i have sone with massive bows... don't judge) i have all my presents wrapped under the tree and i am thinking of doing a little bit of christmas baking tomorrow :) 
in this outfit i decided to keep it in a very small palette, red blue and white. which is  one of my favourite colour combinations! the temperature has been very warm for this time of year... although the past couple of days have been rainy. Many people have been complaining that they cant get into the christmas spirit without snow but i think that the christmas spirit comes from within and i am definitely in a spirited mood! christmas eve/day photos to come! as well as a what i got for christmas post! 

Skirt: Forever 21 
Coat: H&M
Tights: Jones new york 
Blouse: h&m 
Bow on collar: ebay 
6 comments on "Almost Christmas time "
  1. I think that the next Christmas season the outfit would look spiffy with Holiday Holly tights from Foot Traffic.

  2. I personally really like your sense of fashion and the pictures turned out really well. I’m thinking of recreating this look for Christmas as well.

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