August 19, 2015

Biking around

It has been incredibly hot outside lately, it finally feels like summer just as we are coming to the end of it. All the clothing stores are already filled with fall pieces (and i am guilty of buying some of them already...) but with only a few more weeks of summer left i plan on making the best of it.  That being said, riding my bike is one of my favourite summer activities, nothing like a pink vintage bike with a wicker basket to put you in an a good mood :)  As for the rest of the summer, i have a couple of trips planned so there will be tons of pictures to come :) 

Shorts: Marshalls (brand: Monteau) 
these red scalloped shorts are so comfortable and i am obsessed with the scallops 

Blouse: Forever 21 
shirts with bows at the front are my staple :) 

Flats: Ardene 
Headband: Forever 21

Me now VS me when i was little :

i found this old picture of me from when i was like 3 haha, pink bike for life.
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