August 25, 2016

CNE | Carnival outfit

Yesterday my sister and i has the best summer day ever! We went shopping all day and then to the CNE!  i love carnivals they are filled with games and delicious food (lots of food!) we didn't get too adventurous we stuck to the classics like cotton candy and deep fried cookie dough..... although part of me wishes we tried the hotdog with crickets (just to say i've tried crickets...ew) Neither of us won anything in the games...which was actually kinda disappointing lol i wanted a giant teddy bear !!!  but i'm not the most athletic person so i always suck at those kind of games (where is my boyfriend when i need him), i think the guy at one of the ring toss stations felt bad for me and gave me free rings to toss in hopes that i could win something (i didn't...) we also took a ride on the flying chairs that overlook the whole carnival and i had a moment where i thought to myself "what if my shoe falls off...?" i would be shoeless the rest of the day!! and walking barefoot on city streets...not cute needless to say i tried to grip my shoes as best i could the rest of the ride! i should of worn something with laces instead of plain flats. For the rest of the outfit i tried to keep it in theme (am i the only one that does that??) so i wore this striped chiffon blouse that ties up into a bow at the front, i got this shirt at the beginning of the summer and it is still in stores!  i don't know why but when i think carnival i think stripes, maybe its because of circus tents.  To keep it casual i paired it with this denim A-line skirt and an aqua crossbody bag. As for my hair and makeup i went for a vintage kinda look because carnivals are so indicative of the 50's so i really wanted to embody that without it looking like a costume. This hair style is so easy to do !  i just curled my hair and basically put it in pigtails, i know traditionally this hairstyle is done with hair clips but i knew that wouldn't last all day especially if i was shopping and trying stuff on at the beginning of the day. all and all it was a great day!  if you want to see my vlog from the day here is the link! 

5 comments on "CNE | Carnival outfit "
  1. One time my friend chatted with the booth helper for maybe hours long then she got a giant teddy bear for free?! aahha Love your chic outfit as always!

    xo Margaret |

  2. I love this outfit! The denim skirt is my fave! I need this one in my closet asap!

    Meghan |

  3. I love love love the top and bag combination! The skirt is adorable :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. I adore your outfit Carolina, and the vintage-inspired hair and make-up is absolutely gorgeous! The blouse is so elegant, and I love the way you've styled it with the dark denim skirt. I'm glad to hear you had a fun day out with your sister, and your shoes stayed put!

    Saba xx