March 18, 2023

Spring/Summer 2023 Toronto Vintage Clothing Show Shopping List

The Toronto Vintage Clothing show is two weeks away and I already have a list of things I'm shopping for!  If you don't know The Toronto Vintage Clothing Show is a bi-annual event filled with sellers selling... you guessed it... Vintage Clothing and Accessories. It's my favourite event of the season and it's where I buy most of my vintage clothes.  I'm not even joking this is my Christmas! If you've never been I highly recommend it! There is something for everyone, Men, Women, Kids,  and antique enthusiasts. Even if you don't plan on buying anything it's fun to walk around and be around like minded people who also love vintage! Here is some info on the show:

It takes place in Toronto, Canada 
at the Queen Elizabeth Building at Exhibition 
Saturday April 1st and Sunday April 2nd 

If you want more information here is a link to their website and here is one for their instagram, make sure you give them a follow so you can be up to date on everything happening regarding the show! I hope to see you there :)  


Delicate 1930s/1940s Dresses 
At the top of my list I have delicate 1930s and 1940s dresses. This is something I look for every time I go into a vintage clothing store. I also always search for them at the Toronto Vintage clothing show. Ideally Short sleeve dresses with a flower print, little buttons and lace trims. I also love dresses that have a colour block details like the ones in the first photos I posted.

1930s Knit/Crochet Dresses
I've been in love with 1930s/early1940s knit/crochet dresses since last year. I have a 1970s does 1930s dress, but I've been on the hunt for a real 1930s one. I think they are so beautiful and perfect for day to day wear. So it's something I'll keep my eyes open for at the vintage show this season.

1940s Skirts
1940s skirts so are flattering, something about the tailoring looks amazing on everyone. I don't really have a particular pattern in mind, ideally some plain colours so that I can wear them with multiple tops in the summer. I have plenty of wool plaid ones so I don't think I'll be buying anything like that, I'm looking for lighter fabrics.

Matching Sets 
Either Suit Sets or matching summer sets. Now.... I've never been a big suit girl. I don't like shoulder pads and I tend to prefer softer more feminine silhouettes, so you can see why I would shy away from structured blazers. However I came across a 1940s blazer at the thrift store this winter. and it fits beautifully! The shoulder pads are small so they don't bother me. Since then I've tried on a couple of suit sets and I've been really liking them !  So It's something new that I'm trying out. Last year at the Toronto Vintage Clothing show I found a 1940s rayon summer matching set (Similar to the pink one in the last photo above) and its beautiful ! My favourite purchase from the show!  So I would love to find something similar again this year. 


1930s-1940s Wide Brim and Halo Hats
I LOVE these style of hats, I don't have too many in my collection and thats something I really want to change. I find them incredibly flattering for my face shape. They balance out and soften my features in the most flattering way. I especially want hats in the following colours: Bright White , Navy Blue, Grey, and Chocolate Brown. 

1940s Gold-toned Charm Bracelet
I have been on the hunt for a gold toned charm bracelet for years!  It's something I've been obsessed with since I was little (Along with heart shaped lockets, and music boxes) I specifically want a WWII era, but I'll settle for a charm bracelet from the 1940s (or earlier). Fingers crossed I find one this year! 

Knit/Crochet Brooches
Knit/Crochet brooches is something I don't have in my collection, However I would love to add some into my wardrobe for the Spring and summer. I think they look so beautiful on summer dresses or on a lapel on a coat /blazer. I have so many metal brooches so I think this would be a nice change ! 


Heart Motifs
I love anything with hearts!  I think they are so dainty and romantic! They look amazing on jewellery, but I don't own any clothing pieces with hearts (Thats a lie... I have a sweater lol) but I just want to find clothes with hearts in unexpected places, like the white dress above. Or a 1940s Heart halo hat.... that's something that has been on my wish list for years! 

Those are basically all of the things I'm actively searching for at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show. I'm sure I'll find a million other things that I didn't know I needed while I'm there because It's always filled with amazing pieces!  There are a few things I am NOT buying at the show because I already have too many: Black hats, Black dresses, needlepoint/tapestry handbags, wool plaid skirts, White Summer gloves.  However if you are looking for those items I'm sure you will find them at the show! Whats on your vintage wishlist? 

See you there on April 1st and 2nd! 

March 14, 2023

Golden Girl

Hello! I've missed you, It's been a while since we last spoke. I've been hiding away in my house all winter... as if I'm an old Hollywood star between pictures. The cold and snow really limits my actives this time of year. However the days are getting longer and spring will be here before we know it. During this time I've been sorting through my wardrobe and trying to narrow down the decade I pull inspiration from. As you know my style has gone through numerous changes over the years so my collection has pieces from basically every time period. The 1940s and 1930s are my favourite and have been for over a year. I'm ready to channel my inner old Hollywood starlet (lol) and I'm exciting for a new season of outfits. I'll be back to posting looks regularly very soon.... well as soon as all this snow melts lol. 

February 17, 2023

Thrift Finds : Getting ready for Spring

Hello! I wanted to share my latest thrift finds that I found since the start of 2023. This year the thrift stores have been hit or miss...well.... mostly miss lol. I keep going into the thrift store and leaving empty handed. However the times I have made a purchase I've found some cute spring pieces. I don't know about you but I'm over winer. I am excited for the warmer weather and a change in clothes. Don't get me wrong, I love a cozy winter outfit but I lose inspiration come mid January. So I've started planning for spring!  

Teal Blazer
One of my first finds was this pale teal blazer. Its originally from Theory and it has the most beautiful 1940s inspired fit to it! Its 100% linen and I love it. I plan on wearing it with a grey midi skirt. 

Floral Flapper Dress 
Next up we have this floral dress and its very reminiscent of 1920s summer dresses. Its from BCBG so its not vintage but it has a very similar fit and its the perfect length. I know I'm going to be getting tons of wear out of this dress on hot summer days. I also love the colours and the print because it adds to that 1920s flapper at the beach kind of look. This dress reminds me of scenes from this video.

Nautical Matching Set
I realize the set looks slightly small in these photos but I swear its for adults and it fits me perfectly! its a pair of high waisted shorts with a matching jacket. Both pieces have thin white stripes on the cuffs and edges. It also came with this white blouse that has an oversized collar with a lace trim!  As soon as I saw it on the rack I ran ! it is such a beautiful set I cant wait for spring so I can wear it! 

White Belt
Belts are something I don't normally buy. I have a hard time finding ones I like and that actually fit me so I tend to re-wear the 2 that I have. It's also important to note that most of my dresses come with a matching belt so I don't really reach for my other belts. I saw this one at the thrift store and it fit me perfectly and I knew it would be really versatile and I also loved the round buckle 

Chinese Paper Parasol 
I love a good paper parasol!  I have 2 in white (One regular size and one small one). But this is the first time I've seen one in these colours! I've seen some in the past that have flowers but they tend to be bright neon colours and thats not exactly what I am searching for. This one is a deep caramel colour with trees, birds and the sun. It's really intricate and beautiful. 

I hope you guys enjoy this little haul ! It will be my last one until the spring. I mentioned in my latest Etsy haul on youtube (Link here) that I was a bit bored of hauls and constantly posting them. In that video I mentioned that I had one more thrift haul blog post that had to go up, and this is it!  Have you found anything exciting at the thrift store this year??? 

February 10, 2023

Keeping Warm in the City

After what feels like weeks of cloudy days the sun finally come out.  I've been bundled up at home for most of January and February but I'm exciting to share this winter look with you !  I am wearing a vintage black coat with a fur collar and trim at the bottom. I kept most of the outfit dark and paired it with this vintage black hat that has a bow detail at the top, a new addition from the fall and its my first time wearing it.  You can't see it in the photos but I am wearing a black knit dress with a cream crochet collar. For my purse I grabbed a floral tapestry purse to break up all of the black from my outfit,  however I did keep my shoes black. It felt great to walk around the city with the sun shining all around me! The city came to life and so many people were walking around, something you don't normally see on a cold winters day. I think we all crave a little but of sunshine. 

January 30, 2023

Skincare Diaries: Versed Skincare Review

I am ending January with another beauty post! I've talked about this before, but during the pandemic I went through all of my skincare and beauty products and decluttered... I feel like everyone did. I also made a point to use up everything I had because my washroom cabinets were filled with products. I've never been one to buy tons of skincare, I am pretty loyal to ones I already use. For me, I like simplicity so I've always had a simple routine, but this year I thought I would try out a few new products in hopes of finding some new holy grails! Back in November Versed reached out sent me some products to test out (with no obligations). I've been testing them out for the past two months and here are my thoughts: 

 My Thoughts: The bottle with a push applicator is great! Similar to the ones seen on nail polish remover bottles. You need 2-3 pumps on a cotton pad and you apply it after cleansing your skin, but before you moisturize. It's a hydrating toner so its perfect if your skin is on the dryer side. I like the light pink shade its very pretty!  I was a bit thrown off by the lack of scent, it really doesn't smell like anything. A plus side for some but a downside for me. It does have a  "milky" appearance so give it a good shake before using it because it tends to separate.  I was a bit worried of a sticky residue because of it but there wasn't any, the skin soaks it up quite fast. 

Would I buy it: Probably not. Nothing against the product, I thought it worked well! But my skin isn't dry so it wouldn't really add anything like this to my routine. I also think about the amount of cotton pads I would be throwing out every day so that also deters me from buying it (although it does make the application easier and the bottle is fun!) 

My Thoughts: I really like this cleanser! At first I was a bit thrown off by the scent. It smells more like the ingredients and not like an added scent. It reminds me a bit of mint and chlorine (like using mouth wash pool side lol). However the scent is very faint so if you are sensitive to scents this might be perfect for you! It also makes this cleanser unisex because it's a neutral scent (Not florals or powdery). I personally love it when products have a scent so I would say thats one of the only things I didn't like about it. But like I said, that might be a positive for you!  It made my skin really soft and clean without drying it out which is really important especially in the winter ! I would recommend this if you are looking for a simple/gentle every day cleanser, would be perfect if you are starting out with skincare. 

Would I buy it: If I needed a cleanser and couldn't find my usual one anywhere I would buy it. Scent is VERY important to me, it's part of the fun of skincare because it makes it feel more like a spa experience.  But it does work so if I needed to buy a cleanser I know this one works well!

My thoughts: This eye cream is great! It's really smooth to apply and doesn't feel heavy on the eye area. It's made to hydrate and help with the first signs of aging. I love the look of the cream because it reminds me of a pink smoothie lol. Again this product doesn't have a scent but in this case I don't mind because I would rather my eye cream not smell like anything. I saw a difference in my eye area the next morning from the first time I used it! 

Would I buy it: Yes! I think it's a great product!  I've been looking for a new eye cream to try so I was happy versed sent one in the box. I think its great as a beginner eye cream, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect eye cream but I will probably purchase this in the meantime! 

My Thoughts: This was an ok moisturizer, I had a hard time deciding when to use it. I have a daytime and a nighttime moisturizer that I love, so I tried switching them for this moisturizer just to see but it wasn't the same. Its a gel moisturizer so I found it lighter, for me It wasn't heavy enough to use as a night cream. The product does soak up pretty well but my skin didn't feel overly moisturized compared to my daytime moisturizer.  I think it worked well for what it is, it might be nice for an after the gym moisturizer perhaps? It has a slight ingredients smell, like green tea but its very faint and disappears quickly. 

Would I buy it: Probably not. The product worked well! but I can't seem to be able to place it in my routine. 

My Thoughts: This was the only product I really didn't like. The rest of the products I found something positive in all of them...except this one. As you've seen me mention above ^ scent is very important to me... This one smells a bit like fish when applied to the skin. The first time I used it I had to wash it off. I tried it again to be able to review it properly and after using it a couple of time I had to stop. It's very sticky and the smell is very frustrating, it lingered and its all I could smell. Not sure how useful of a review this is since I only used it a few times but from the little times I used it I wouldn't recommend it. It's sad because I was excited to try it. It's suppose to help brighten the skin and help with any dark spots and old acne marks. It sounds great !  But the smell and sticky residue were enough for me to stop using it. 

Would I buy it: No, I really didn't like it I'm sorry.

Overall the products were ok, I would recommend it more for teens who are starting to think about skin care. I do love that all of the products are Vegan and Cruelty free, something that has become very important in the beauty industry. The products are also very reasonably priced, Its very accessible for lot of people. The packaging is sleek and would look great on the counter, it almost reminds me of something that would've been sold at American Apparel (back in the day) or Urban Outfitters. The packaging is a bit too modern for me but I know this sleek pastel design is very popular among most people these days. Have you tried VERSED?