July 03, 2018

Queens Plate 2018

This past weekend I went to the 159th Queens Plate, which its Crazy to think that it's been around since before Canada became a country ! It's my favourite event of the year, I love getting dressed up and wearing a fascinator I think its so much fun ! If you want to see what I wore on previous years just click the following dates:  2017, 2016. Next year I think I want to go for a cool toned outfit like baby blue or lavender, but if I do choose a warm toned I would go with yellow. Anyway I'm side tracking.. The event itself was great!  So many food stands and drink vendors!  But my favourite part is definitely walking around seeing everyone all dressed up. I will say tho.. it was REALLY hot outside that day, it felt like 40 something degrees after you include humidity. I'm not sure how guys were able to manage wearing suits in that kind of weather, I was dying in a sleeveless dress...mind you my dress has a silk lining lol. My dress is from Metisu and I am in love with the rose print I think its so feminine especially when paired with the fit and flare fit.  Let me know what you guys think of the outfit in the comments below !
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