June 14, 2018

Pastel Green Lace

The excitement is setting in and I can finally start wearing all of my straw hats, I probably have way too many... and I feel like i don't get a chance to wear all of them so I've made it my personal mission to wear them all this summer so be prepared to see a lot (and I mean A LOT) of  straw hats haha. This particular hat is from Forever 21 and its one of my most use hats, it has a very french country side look to it, which I really love. I paired this hat with this amazing pale aqua dress from Metisu  and it is the Green kitten bow cutwork lace midi dress (Link here). And that dress is actually currently on sale which is amazing because its the perfect day time spring dress. As for shoes I just wore a simple pair of nude heels which you guys have seen countless time on my blog! 
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