October 13, 2017

Falling in Love with Orange

This fall I've found myself looking for some orange pieces to add to my wardrobe. I've always loved wearing red and it will be forever my favourite colour to wear but orange is such an underrated colour. I'd even go as far as saying some people hate the colour orange and I really don't understand why ! its a great colour especially for the fall ! Like this dress I got from Forever 21 its is made out of this really pretty silky material. I also love the print on it, its floral but still very much appropriate for the fall with the dark brown tones and the birds. I grabbed this (faux) fur jacket that I also got from Forever 21, I love that it pulled the camel colour from the birds and some of the flowers on the dress. For shoes I just grabbed these nude colours boots to add a little hight to the outfit haha. I hope you guys like this outfit let me know your thoughts on the colour orange (No I'm not disturbed orange is not the new pink) 
7 comments on "Falling in Love with Orange "
  1. Aw love the dress, you pull it off so beautifully. I like adding colour to an autumn wardrobe, it mixes things up a bit! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Lovely dress!


  3. Ahh love this dress on you, it's so cute!! Orange is usually difficult for people to style, but you killed it <3

    XO, Jessi

  4. Love the whole look and the details are perfect!


  5. I usually don't like orange... but this dress is beautiful! Love it! kisses


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