August 15, 2017

Tied in a knot

I have always been one to wear fitted clothing especially when it comes to dresses. I always look for them to be tight at my waist because, I find that to be the most flattering shape for my body. I've quickly come to realize that I can't just wear one style of dress for the rest of my life and its nice to change things up sometimes! When I saw this dress online I quickly fell in love ! It is from Romwe and it is the Contrast hand pattern collar facing print smock dress (link here). Right away the collar caught my attention ! It is so unique, I have never seen a collar like this. I think it goes perfectly with the print that is all over the dress, the eyes the lips and the eyelashes go hand in hand with such an interesting collar. There is something so unusual about it that reminds me of looking at a picasso painting but it all just works together !  The base of the dress is a very subtle light blue and white pin stripe. It's slightly short and bell like shape reminded me of being a little kid which inspired me to wear this dress with spacebuns... not sure if this is a grownup version of pigtails or if its slightly more childish.... iI'm not sure but I loved the way it complimented the dress. For shoes I just wore these heeled oxford shoes from Nine West, which I paired with these ankle tights. This was a perfect outfit to go to a coffee shop and do a bit of window shopping !
August 13, 2017

Pearl Glasses

Hello, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It's crazy to think that we're almost in the middle of August!  Doesn't it feel like it just started?? in some areas kids are already going back to school, which is crazy to me!  Summer is coming to an end and all of the stores are in clearance in order to get their new fall pieces in stores. This is perfect for me since I'm prepping for my trip at the end of the month (I bought a new suitcase and 2 bathing suits today woo) I'm still on the hunt for red sunglasses that I've been wanting to find all summer ! In my search I was able to find another pair of amazing sunglasses and they are these stunning pearl circle glasses from Metisu  they are the Grey Rounch Leans Beads Detail Sunglasses (link here.) I am obsessed with these sunglasses I think they are so cool and so unique, Definitely a little more bold than I normally wear but I love the pearl detailing and how they really elevate a simple outfit. As for the rest of my outfit I'm wearing a shirt that actually belonged to my mom, she recently gave it to me when she cleaned out her closet, My skirt is from Brandy Melville... which coincidently matched the shirt perfectly! For my shoes I wore these new booties that I found at Winners! I love the metal detailing I think its so pretty and it adds a little something extra to the outfit. I'm not a big skirt/dress and boot person, but I thought I would try something a little different seeing as I loved the shoes so much ! Let me know your thoughts about this outfit in the comments ! 
August 10, 2017


Hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful week ! I've spent most of the week working, and shopping to prep for my trip at the end of the month !.... I keep buying shoes that i probably don't need (help)  I'm so excited to wear all these tropical outfits I've been saving to take to the canary islands, it will be a great way to end the summer ! Stores are starting to fill up with fall items and I know once  I come home form my trip I'll be ready to start transitioning my clothes because it will be September. But for now I am enjoying the last few days of summer ! For this outfit I am wearing this gorgeous pink floral dress from Metisu ! I am obsessed with the colour as well as the rose print all over it !  This is the Pink Embroidered Jacquard Belted waist midi dress (link here), it fits like a dream and my favourite part is the metallic detailing that lines the roses. I think it is such a beautiful touch that elevates the dress. For shoes I just wore these light pink heels that match the lighter pink in the dress (seriously its a perfect match!) I think the dress mixed with the smaller heels gives off such a 50's vibe which you guys know I love!  For a little more interest I added a little fluffy gold flower pin, I very rarely wear pink like this most of the ones I wear are metal so it was fun to wear something a little different, 

August 08, 2017

Royal Botanical Gardens

Ahhh the Royal Botanical gardens... such a beautiful place to go for a walk in. You guys know how much I love flowers, so being surrounded by them is practically heaven for me.  I spent the day walking around the garden with my mom and my little cousin, we talked the whole day and just took in the nature around us. I don't spend as much time outside as I would like to, so taking a day to slow down and smell the roses (literally) was perfect. For my outfit I just wore a simple white floral dress from Zara, I got this a couple of years ago but I feel like they always have stuff similar to this dress in the summertime. I also draped a little pink tweed jacket over my shoulders to bring in some more pink into the outfit, and that one is from smart set. Of course I had to wear a sunhat! probably my favourite summer accessory ! I don't exactly remember where I got this one from but it has a beautiful pink ribbon that ties as a bow in the back. For my bag I grabbed this mini yellow handheld bag fro zara, my absolute favourite style of bag! I think smaller structured bags give a touch of elegance as well as add a bit of vintage vibes to any outfit.  Of course since I was going to be walking around in the garden I opted for some white flats. I hope you guys like this look, sorry about the length of the post but I wanted to include more pictures from the flowers and the fountain.
August 03, 2017


Hello ! I hope you are having a wonderful week heading into the long weekend. It's crazy that its already the middle of the summer... well a little past that its August 3rd lol and I don't know about you but I'm hyped for fall ! I am starting to see all of these fall pieces slowly coming into stores.... and yes..I am guilty of buying a couple of things haha. But its still very hot outside and I have a bunch of summer clothes I haven't had a chance to wear yet. One of the newest additions in my closet is this beautiful lemon and flower print overalls! Gah they are amazing ! They are from H&M and I wanted them from the moment they first appeared in stores. They were a little pricy for such a bold print that I wouldn't be able to wear over and over so I didn't get them right away. They then disappeared from stores and I couldn't find them anywhere. Adrienne was shopping and saw them at another H&M location and they were on sale so she bought it for me!  I honestly couldn't be happier!! I love it paired with this ruffled blouse form Zara, I think having both the ruffles on the shirt and the overalls creates such interesting texture, I'm obsessed!  To make the look a little more bold I wore these Ah-mazing gold shoes, again from H&M. I hope you guys like this look, let me know your thoughts on this lemon print set! As well as make sure you check out my July haul (link here) to see what else I've bought this month ! 

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