February 01, 2017

Spring Colours in the Winter

Happy February ! Its crazy that January is already over, every year time goes faster and faster which is a constant reminder that we should  make the most of it ! The start of February usually means we are in the midpoint of winter! and let me tell you I am ready to wear some lighter jackets haha. As stores clear out their winter items you are starting to see some spring pieces come in, which is what inspired this look. I find that in the winter most people (myself included) tend to wear darker colours and stay away from bright colours. Maybe its because most "fast fashion" stores don't carry much colour... finding a bright coloured coat is a lot harder than it seems.  For this look I am wearing these bold Mustard Yellow pants with a cozy white cashmere sweater, you have probably see this sweater on repeat on my blog because it's one of my favourite pieces to wear  (let me know if you want to see a 'most worn items post') For an extra pop of colour I went for a light blue coat, I love the combination of Light blue and yellow ! I think the colours looks so great together. And of course would my outfit be complete without a beret? I added a cream coloured one to tie the outfit together. This outfit was perfect for going to a cafe and sipping on a cappuccino, if you want to see some day-to-day pictures make sure you follow me on instagram! 
2 comments on "Spring Colours in the Winter "
  1. Awesome look! I usually wear only darker colours - even in the summer (yes, I'm suffering) but I don't see a problem with wearing lighter colours in winter months, it suits you so well, so why not? :)
    I'd like to see your most worn items as well!


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