March 25, 2016

Triangl Bikini

i have been meaning to do this post for some time now, i was just waiting for the weather to get a little bit warmer. it's only march here in canada so we are no where near beach weather but definitely an improvement from winter.  For those lucky enough living in warmer climates or heading off on vacation soon you can use this information right now... for everyone else (like me!) still in the cold you can keep it in mind for the upcoming summer :)
Triangl bikinis have been around for some time now,  you would have seen them if you have any form of social media particularly instagram. i received this one a couple of months ago but i am lucky enough to own 2 pairs. i own Milly in santa rosa splash, which you can see in a blog post here! and this one which is also Milly in pretty in paris.
i am a huge fan of triangl bikinis ! they are made out of Neoprene (the stuff wetsuits are made out of) and they mold to your body perfectly, i was a little afraid that the top would be too big on me  but the XS moulded to my body perfectly (i am a 32B.) Also the good thing about Neoprene is that you don't have to worry about your bikini sliding around ! bonus for waterslides and jumping in and out of the pool.
For all of you feeling a little skeptical about the high prices and if they are worth the money.... i think you are paying for the quality and not the brand, there is a reason these bikinis have such a high price mark. The bikinis are so perfectly made and the material/stitching is incredible. i know there are some "mock" ones out there and while i have not tried them i have seen them in store and the quality just isn't quite there... don't get me wrong!  they are great bikinis! and for a lower price they are a great option. But if you really want to invest in quality i would recommend triangl :)
Overall i am very pleased and happy with triangl bikinis and how cute is the packaging they come in! 
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    So perfect ! :D


  2. Perfect bikini style. Would love to connect with you, check out my blog!
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  3. Beautiful bikini! I love this color <3 Happy Easter my dear :-)

    1. i love the colour as well! and happy easter to you too! :)

  4. Your sense of style is really good.

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